How Eating Sugars Help You Lose Weight

If I told you eating sugar and carbs could help you lose weight, would you believe me?  Probably not, but it’s true! Here’s why, every vegetable is made of carbohydrates, and carbs are made of starches, sugars, and fibers. Every piece of asparagus, leaf of spinach, or piece of fruit all have just enough sugar to keep our bodies in a state of circulation providing the energy we need to function.

Most people avoid veggies at all cost, or when they do eat veggies they’re breaded, deep-fried, dipped in butter & creamy sauces. Someone once told me they loved veggies, fruit, and salads and how she ate them every day, but still, she couldn’t lose weight. It wasn’t until a lunch date together where I witnessed her order, fried zucchini and a bacon cobb salad drenched in blue cheese dressing; that I learned her idea of veggies meant fried, and covered in fats.

Yea, I totally understand, nobody likes veggies, and if we stick to the old recommendations we’d be eating 5 servings a day, and who has time for that! I tell my clients when it comes to veggies, lets focus on less being more, meaning, don’t stress yourself over the 5 servings. But instead, fit in at least 2 servings a day with your other well-balanced meals.

Vegetables are nutrient dense and provide our bodies with much needed fiber, antioxidants (which have been shown to help prevent cancer), and complex carbs, and this is all the stuff we need to stay energized throughout the day, and healthy throughout life.

We can’t always do what we want, and sometimes we must do the things we least like to help maintain balance in our lives. Whether it’s cardio, box jumps, eliminating liquor or implementing veggies, sometimes a little bit goes a long way, and get us closer to where we want to be! So, the next time you’re in the market have no fear, select some of your least disdained veggies either fresh or frozen and prepare them lightly steamed or raw! Remember, two servings a day goes a very long way, and it’ll help you sheds some pounds.




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